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IEP Procedural Safeguards

Get the low down on parent and student rights in the IEP process

Behavior Investigator

Getting to the root of behavior is essential to discovering your next steps.

Sleep Guide

Ahh, glorious sleep.  This guide is packed with tips and tricks for creating and implementing a smooth bedtime routine.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and OT

Evidence, resources, and why OT can help with that ;)

The 8 Senses

How will you use your senses to play today?  This is a great companion to my YouTube video about sensory rich play!

Motor Milestones

While this guide was created with the under 12m age in mind, inside you'll find helpful tips for talking to doctors about concerns at ANY age.

Fine Motor

Preparing your little one for writing does NOT have to include picking up a pencil.  Look no further for hand strength builders.